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Modernization of Russia

Holy Russia - Third Rome
The new subject of international law, the State Holy Russia - Third Rome, 21.09.2013.

Nova Church of Holy Russia
Orthodoxy and Christianity require reforming and release of heresy and obscurantism. 21.09.2011.

The Seljuk Dynasty Origin New!!!
The author put forward a hypothesis according to which the Seljuk’s Sultans came from the Princes of the Russ – Rurikovich Kin, who eventually converted to Islam. The hypothesis was fully confirmed by the identification of the main historical figures of the Seljuk dynasty with the descendants of the Princes St. Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise. We are talking about the rulers of Sultanate of Rum Sultan Suleiman and his descendants, as well as Tuqaq, Seljuk, Mikail, Israel, Toghrul, Alp Arslan and other Sultans. Princes and their sons from the Principality of Tmutarakan became Seljuk’s Sultans, from where they conquered the countries and peoples of the Caucasus, Iran, Asia Minor and Central Asia. 24.05–12.06.2023.

Synchronization of historical and religious Chronicles
The author correctly synchronizes historical and religious Chronicles of the Ancient World based on a short chronology and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in the annals and Scriptures. The author believes that discrepancies in dates, geographical localities and ethnic origin of historical and religious figures are due to erroneous traditional chronology and historical geography, as well as the deliberate adaptation of phenomena and events to an established paradigm. 20.04–25.05.2020.

Astronomical dating of Biblical events
The author's reconstruction of the history and chronology of religions is fully verified by identifying 15 celestial phenomena described in the Chronicles, including 11 Solar Eclipses, 3 Zodiacs and 1 Supernova. A chronological shift of 1780 years in the history of Ancient Egypt has been confirmed for 6 phenomena, including 3 Solar Eclipses and 3 Zodiacs, including the Eclipse of Pharaoh Takelot on August 8, 891. Astronomically confirmed the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as March 18, 1010, and the date of death of Ibrahim – the son of the Prophet Muhammad as February 7, 1152 (28 Shawwal 546 AH). 20.02–31.03.2020.

Origin of the gens Rurik
After the break of ties between the metropolis and the Russian principalities, the annals of Byzantium were cleared of the mention of "foreigners" in the management of the Empire, and the Chronicles of Russia did not have time to properly reflect the role of Rurik in world history. A study of the sources of Ancient Rome, New Rome, Russia, Arab countries, Danube and Volga Bulgaria allowed the author to identify the Russ gens and Bulgarian Khagans with the Flavian dynasty, as well as to identify Rurik, his descendants and relatives from the Macedonian dynasty (IX–XI century) and dynasty of Lecapenus (X century). The last Russian Emperor of New Rome been Yaroslav the Wise, throne name Constantine Monomachos. 11.09–21.10.2019.

Chronology of monotheistic religions
The author identified the Patriarchs of monotheism with well-known figures of human history. He proved that the oldest religion of monotheism is Christianity, which had a theoretical character in the I Millennium (Old Testament Christianity) and a practical embodiment at the beginning of the II Millennium (New Testament Christianity). Islam and Judaism emerged only in the early VII century and became radical branches of Christianity. Based on the study of solar eclipses, the author has determined the date and place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (March 18, 1010 in Constantinople), the year of the death of the Prophet Muhammad (1152) and the period creation of the Quran (1130–1152). 01–27.08.2019.

Localization of Ancient Rome
The history of Ancient Rome is well studied, but hides a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions relating to the period of formation of the city and the expansion of the Romans into the world. We believe that the problems are caused by ignorance of the true localization of Ancient Rome in the Volga region on Akhtuba until the Fire on 64 and move city to location of Veii in Italy. The article also considers the aspects of ethnic origin of the peoples of the Latin League, Ancient Rome and Europe. The vector of expansion of Ancient Rome from the Volga region to the Europe coinciding with the migration flows of the Migration Period and the spread of PIE is substantiated. In addition the article considers the dynamics of growth and decline of the population of Ancient Rome in the localities from its inception to sunset and transformation. 23.06–16.07.2019.

Short chronology of Ancient Egypt
The history of Ancient Egypt generated in XIX century, every day finds out all greater discrepancy to modern realities both the newest archeological and tool data, including results of DNA researches of mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. The chronology of Egypt as whole is considered well investigated and however it has been created for substantiation of an antiquity of Jewish people, instead of for scientific description of one of most ancient terrestrial civilizations. Author's reconstruction of chronology of Ancient Egypt has found out time shift at rate 1780 years in depth of centuries from true dating events. 1-16.06.2019.

Great Tartary or Slavic Empire
The next riddle of world historiography is solved. Present clause is devoted to history and modern condition of one of the most grandiose empires of terrestrial civilization – Great Tartary or Slavic Empires. 04–19.09.2017.

The European Aryans
In present clause the broad audience of the questions connected to probable Aryan origin of various European peoples is considered. Including aspects of possible an Aryan origin of Slavs and prospects of presence by these of special way to world around are considered. 25.02.2017 - 24.03.2017.

Summarizing of Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016)
Within the framework of carrying out Zemsky Sobor 2016 (Land Assembly 2016) on elections of Grand Prince of All Russia four Nominees have been put forward. The overwhelming majority of voices have been given for Nominee Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Will of God and decision of participants of Assembly, Zemsky Sobor 2016 has elected lifelong Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. 11.05.2016.

Yaroslavl’s Princes Rurikovich
In clause is described family tree of Grand Princes of Yaroslavl and their descendants, it is the senior branch of the Kin of Russ – Rurikovich, going back to Mstislav Great Monomachos. Kin of the Grand Princes of Yaroslavl have continued by Princes Grand Kubensky – Kubarev. 22.02.2016–11.03.2016.

All truth about Saint Prince Vladimir
In clause the all truth about Saint Prince Vladimir which is ignored Orthodox and Romanov’s historians, communistic historical science and their modern adepts, fabricating myths about Russ with « good intentions » opens without denominations. The kin of Russ - Rurikovich has created Orthodoxy and the Russian statehood, Russian people began to forget about it. Glory to Russ! 07-17.07.2015.

Brief chronology of religions
The report at XXX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 25.04.2015, Moscow, RosNoU. In the clause the final Chronological Tables of Ancient Egypt, Ancient and New Rome, Rome in Italy, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are submitted. 25.04.2015.

Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
The report at XXIX International conference on problems of the Civilization, 20.12.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the comparative analysis of canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century (1315-1321), displayed on mosaics and frescos of Church of Chorus in Istanbul, and modern doctrines are made. Numerous differences of events of the Holy Legend and the Gospel of the past and the present are found out. 20.12.2014.

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia
In clause political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and new coming Slavic population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia in days of the Mongolian yoke are considered. The historical reasons of occurrence of ethnic contradictions are investigated, estimations of modern condition of problem (Chechelevskaya and Lubotinskaya Republics in 1905, Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic in 2014 in territory of Ukraine) are given and offers on decrease in escalation of ethnic opposition in territory of Eurasia are made. 09.06 - 05.07.2014.

Attribution of Rurikovich and Emperors Lecapenus
The report at XXVIII International Conference on problems of the Civilization is 26.04.2014, Moscow, RosNoU. In clause it is described detailed attribution of Ugrian Tsars with Emperors of Ancient and New Rome and Patriarches of terrestrial civilization. It is scientifically proved origins of all patriarches of monotheism and Emperors Flavius and Lecapenus from kint of Ugrian Tsars of Russ (Great), is the ethnic Finn-Ugrian from Volga region. 23.03.2014 – 24.04.2014.

Putin's Eurasian impasse
Vladimir Putin and Uniform Russia realize the Eurasian project, involving Russia and Russian people during stagnation and backlogs from World Civilization. They create Gog and Magog Empire, menacing to world peace. Why the Kremlin authority has not asked Russian Slavs – they want to live in the Asian country or to be safe Europeans? 14-22.01.2014.

Projections of the God in symbols of religion
As result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D modeling, we have proved existence of uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolic of people. The source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God. We believe that on the basis of our researches, it will be possible to organize training to travel on the Universe of space navigators from the most gifted people and to create spaceships with engines as the described quantum generator is Chariots of the God or the Chariot of Cube. 25–30.08.2013.

Origin and migration of Slavs
Historical and genetic routes of migrations of the Slavs, calculated with the help from ancient Byzantium, European, Chinese, Arabian, Bulgarian and Russian chronicles and annals, and also modern researches of man's DNA chromosomes. 01-21.05.2013.

Empires of cousins of Russ
The report at scientific XXVI International conference on problems of the Civilization 26-27.04.2013, Moscow, RosNoU. In article five world Empires of cousins of Russ (Great) existing in our era on open spaces of Eurasia with cyclicity of occurrence once in 300 years are described.

Hungarian Kingdom of Russ
It is continuation of research of dynastic communications of Rurikovich. Cousin of Rurik Almysh/Almos and his children Kazan/Kurszan and Arbat/Arpad, it is all ethnic Ugrian of Russ, have based at the end of IX century – beginning of X century the Hungarian kingdom of Russ, having grasped Great Moravia. 08-11.01.2013.

Reconstruction of dynastic communications of Rurikovich in IX-XI centuries
Report at anniversary scientific XXV International conference on problems of civilization at 21-22.12.2012, RosNoU, Moscow. Corrected at 03.01.2013.

Educated Christianity of Russ
Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament has exhausted itself. Forged the Scripts and the Sacred Legend cannot serve more as a spiritual reference point for promotion of mankind forward on the river of time. It is allowable to use only spiritual – moral potential of the ancient products being product of national creativity of Jews and Catholics, instead of divine revelations. The chronology of Bible events, an ethnic accessory of patriarchs of mankind, names, geography and original languages of heroes of the Bible do not correspond to the validity. Bible miracles have the quantum nature in the basis and submit to laws of a universe. Educated Christianity of Russ restore the religious both destroyed obscurantists religious and scientific knowledge of Christianity and revolutionary role of religion in history of civilization. 26.08. – 12.10.2012.

True Empty Tomb
Nova Church of Sacred Russia and Sacred Russ, Princes of Russia congratulates mankind on presence of True Empty Tomb and restoration of the religious and historical truth. The true has triumphed forever. 20-29.05.2012.

Orthodoxy and Islam in Old Russia
The report at XXIV International scientific conference on problems of the Civilization in Russian New University on April 20-21, 2012.

Day of Church Slavonic writing. Russ Cyril and Methodius.
In this significant holiday of Day of Church Slavonic writing and remembering Equal Apostles Sacred Cyril and Methodius, Princes of Russ convincingly ask Russian Orthodox Church and the public of the orthodox countries to return to sources and correctly to name the writing, language and church books Russian, but not Slavic. Ancient Russia was the Finno-Ugric state created by Russ Christians Rurik and Igor, Cyril and Methodius, Askold and Dir, Prophetic Oleg and Sacred Olga, Sacred Vladimir and Empress Anna Macedonian. 24.05.2011.

Wars of Russ in IX-XI centuries
In article on a rich actual material it is shown, that all wars of Russ with Byzantium in 836-1043 have been connected to deduction of a throne of empire by Russian party of Constantinople headed by the Macedonian dynasty of Russ. To the author it is proved, that two centuries co-emperors of New Rome were Great Princes Rurikovich. Last Russian emperor Jaroslav Mudry known in Tsar Grad as Constantine Monomakh was. The report at scientific XXII International conference on problems of the Civilization 22-23.04.2011, Moscow, RosNoU.

Genetic distances between cousins Rurikovich
The report at scientific XXII International Conference on problems of the Civilization, on April 22-23, 2011, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. 24.04.2011.

Slavic-Mongolian invasion to Russia
Results of our research of an origin of Slavs have not simply scientific, but political value. In view of the received data it is necessary to form the weighed policy of interethnic and inter religious attitudes in Russia and the world. The modern hobby of Russian Slavs Rodoverie, the Aries origin and the contemptuous attitude to inhabitants of Central Asia, Caucasus, Mongolia, China and other regions of the world bears a system and logic mistake. Rodoverie in general it is senseless, in fact ancestors Rodoverian in Russia and Ukraine have left Central Asia and were Kirghiz, Altaian’s, Tajik’s, Pashtun’s, Uyghur’s and Juan-Juan, and completely not blond demigods. 12-18.03.2011.

Old Rome and Italic union of the Volga region
The scientific article on an extensive historical material proves that Ancient Rome has been created by Finno-Ugric tribe’s of Italic union of the Volga region (Idel, Bulgar). Italic peoples Vestini (Vesi), Marsi (Merya), Lucani (Lucane), Marrucini (Marri) and others till now live on Volga. Finno-Ugric named Latinas (Latinyanami) German peoples of the Volga region, differently Altyn-ami that means Gold literally. Fortress Alba Longo was called Altynbash, and Volga region Rome – Ulak-Urum. Southwest capital of Finno-Ugric of Idel was city Phanagoria or the Finn–Ugoria, being in antiquities capital Bosporus Empire and Great Bulgaria was. The web of lies of the western falsifiers of history how many would not be twisted, but to it all the same there comes the end. 10-21.02.2011.

Correct genographic
We have proved fidelity Bulgarian theory of an origin of mankind. She proves to be true a natural vector of moving of people on a planet from the Volga region in all parties of Eurasia, and there from to Africa, Australia and America. All peoples and races of the world have taken place from Hindi-European, namely – from ethnic Finno-Ugric. 01-07.02.2011.

Correct DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology
Scientific article of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev on DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology is submitted to your attention. The author has created formulas with which help it is possible to define precisely time of life of the general ancestor and an epoch of formation of various languages. These formulas have received the name of Kubarev’s formula. With the help of mathematical calculations, Valeriy Kubarev has proved fidelity Barrow of Hypothesis of Maria Gimbutas and own reconstruction of a history of the world. We hope that results of research will find wide application in DNA-Genealogy and glottochronology. 04-14.01.2011.

Genealogy and genetics of Princes of Russia
The report of Grand Prince Valeriy Kubarev at XXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization 25.12.2010. Valeriy Kubarev's scientific article describes genetics of Rurikovich and Sorts of Russia. Grand Prince has scientifically defined modal haplotype of Rurik, Gedimin, Russ Aydar, Kubrat, Flavius and has theoretically described modal haplotype of Alexander Great, Jesus Christ Zlatoust, Prophet Mohammed and Genghis Khan. All these well-known people ethnically Finno-Ugrian from the Sort of Russ. 25.12.2010.

What do we celebrate on November 4? Loss of the national sovereignty...
National voting or voting of national representatives is unacceptable for elections of Tsar and Grand Duke, in fact tsar from the God, and the voice of people is not a voice Divine. Elections of Grand Duke only voting of Princes – patrimonial aristocracy of Russia are possible. 08-21.11.2010.

Turn of the Earth promptly comes nearer
This is article with the analysis of abnormal geophysical and climatic activity on a planet. 09-12.09.2010.

Baltavar – a symbol of Christianity, an Islam and Judaism
Petrarca: « When people will address to the history, his greatness come to live » 30-31.03.2010

History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012
Kubarev V.V.'s report, History of Russ about 3506 BC till 2012. Section «Civilization aspects of the Russian history and chronology». Tenth International scientific conference «Civilization of knowledge: global crisis and an innovative choice of Russia», Moscow, April 24-25, 2009, RosNOU.

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Whose fault is it?

The Catechon Paradigm as an instrument of the Antichrist New!!!
In the article, the author examines the current state of the catechon paradigm and the practice of using the provisions of the concept in the political and public life of the Russian Federation. According to the author, the idea of the catechon in Russia was intercepted by the forces of evil and used as a screen to cover their deeds. Today, the catechon paradigm has become an instrument of the Antichrist and his adherents to gain world domination. The only resource for Lucifer’s conquest of the world is sinful people whom he can attract under his banners. As successful as his deception and seduction will be, so strong and numerous will be the army of Satan. 05–17.12.2022.

Impairment of Orthodoxy New!!!
In the article, the author has carried out a retrospective analysis of the events and processes that led to the impairment and transformation of the canons of Orthodoxy and the patristic tradition of Russian Christianity. Prohibitions and reliance on the good intentions of opportunists within the body of the church led to a natural distortion of the teaching. As a result, the Orthodox Church became vulnerable to the pressure of Lucifer's lies and deception and ceased to be a source of life. 30.09–25.11.2022.

Features of Christianity in Cappadocia New!!!
The usual facts for Cappadocia were the proximity of male and female Monasteries and their communication. The plots and frescoes of the Churches were created no earlier than the first quarter of the XI century. The isomorphic images of St. George, Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron have come down to us. According to the author, St. George became a collective image of the Saints Constantine the Great and the two Theodores. The fresco of the Serpent Church depicts Onuphrius the Great as a hermaphrodite, which the Church is trying to forget. On the face of the purposeful distortion by Christianity of the Holy Tradition, led by the Holy Spirit, and the removal from the original sources. 05–28.08.2022.

Emperors Lekapenos(920–945)
Based on a thorough analysis of the chronicles of New Rome, Ancient Russia, Great Bulgaria and Arab sources, the author has justified the Finno–Ugric origin of the Macedonian Dynasty and the Lekapenos Dynasty. The details of the biographies, names, dates of rule and family ties of dozens of Emperors, Khagans and Princes of Byzantium, Russ and Bulgar coincide with great accuracy, which makes it possible to identify all the studied personalities with real historical figures. In local chronicles, they have different or identical names, depending on the national characteristics of the nicknames of the studied persons. 07.12.2020–30.01.2021.

Dancing on bones (people losses of USSR in SWW)
We have found out the facts of direct falsification of human losses of military men and civil persons of the USSR within the Second World War in some millions person. Forgery is caused by activity of the propaganda machine of the USSR and false understanding of patriotism in modern Russia. By our calculations true irrevocable losses of the population of the USSR within the SWW make 7.6–8.7 million persons from among military men and the general losses with civil people 12.8–13.9 million persons. Have run away from Stalin paradise of USSR is hundred thousand (up to 1.3 million) the persons. We believe that the name of each victim of war should be taken into account and sounded publicly. 04–18.05.2019.

Expansion of Rome from Volga region
The report at XXXIII International conference on problems of the Civilization, 24.12.2016, Moscow, RosNoU. In the report the extensive information on resettlement of peoples to Europe through ports of Bosporan Kingdom and Bosporus to the Mediterranean from the Volga region, Siberia and Caucasus during existence of Ancient Rome in delta of the rivers Volga and Akhtuba since VI century B.C. up to middle of VI century is submitted. 24.12.2016.

Seleucus and tribal leaders of Rome
The report at scientific XXXI International Conference on problems of the Civilization has acted on December 26, 2015, RosNoU, Moscow, Russia. In the report the hypothesis that "Macedonian" gains of IV century B.C. actually are the first wave of expansion of Ancient Rome and resettlement of peoples on South, East and West from territory of the Volga region and Caucasus is put forward and proved. 26.12.2015.

Picturesque Gospel of Church of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul
Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chorus, XIV century, Istanbul) has allowed restoring overlooked nuances of ancient doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy. The numerous facts of distortion Holy Book and Holy Legend have been found out at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity. 15.09–08.10.2014.

Images ancient Romans from Volga in artefacts
Long millennia in Idel-Rome-Memphis-Mitsraim-Itil-Saray-Batu lived from 600 000 up to one million person. Ruins of city are grandiose pantry of a history, culture and religion. Masonic scientists diligently avoid carrying out there scale excavation. In those places prospers only black selector of treasures. How long it is possible to hide to world elite of impostors true from people? 20-22.04.2010.

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Sixth and other questions New!!!
Why doesn't the ROC want to stop the war? 14.02.2022.

Five questions to the ROC New!!!
The first question: What is the data of the Birth of Christ now? The second question: When and where was Jesus Christ crucified? The third question: When will the Apocalypse begin? Fourth question: Why Tartarus and the Kingdom of The Beast located in Russia? The fifth question: When did Vladimir Putin become the receptacle of the Beast? 24-27.01.2022.

The Prophet Muhammad and the Quran
Based on an independent analysis of artifacts, ancestral tree and astronomical phenomena related to the deeds, life and death of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as historical evidence of the first appearance and legal use of the Quran in the life of Muslims, the author drew conclusions about the integration of several historical figures of the VII and XII centuries into the personality of the Prophet Muhammad. They became Khagan Kubrat, aka Emperor Heraclius, the Arabian Prophet or Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphs and the true Prophet Muhammad, who lived in 1090–1052. The Quran was created in 1130–1152. The proposed interpretation does not undermine the canons of the faith of Islam, but establishes the truth. 11–30.11.2021.

Syncing the chronicles of Rome and Egypt
Based on a thorough analysis of details of military campaigns and astronomical phenomena from the chronicles of Ancient and New Rome, Ancient Egypt and Persian sources, the author confirmed the chronological shift in the history of Ancient Egypt by 1780 years in the past. The author also revealed the complot of historians to conceal the existence of Ancient Egypt in I millennium by masking the deeds of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for the non-existent activity of the Kings of the Sasanian Empire. 06–29.03.2021.

The identification of the Patriarchs with historical figures
The author correctly identifies the Patriarchs of monotheistic religions with historical figures of the past based on the paradigm of a short chronology of the world and linking events to unique celestial phenomena reflected in Chronicles and Scriptural. The identification of the Patriarchs is based on the analysis of data from the genealogical trees of Jesus Christ from Lucas, Matthew, mosaics of the Church of Chora, the genealogical tree of the Prophet Muhammad and lists of the Kings of the Great Bulgaria. 21.07–27.08.2020.

Pure Relationship
We have found out and have proved that at everyone men are two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors he has only one pair pure relatives – the forefather and the foremother. All other ancestors are the listed relatives. We also have proved that each woman has two direct lines of Pure Relationship on which in each generation of ancestors it has only one pair foremothers. On the basis of research we confirm De Facto firmness of the absolute law of succession is rule Lex Salica of Pure Relationship. 05.08 – 03.09.2014.

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  Valery KUBAREV > Modernization of Russia > Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia

Ethnic threats to peoples of Russia

In the present clause we shall consider political, economic, cultural and religious aspects of consequences of ethnic opposition of radical peoples of Russia and coming the population formed as result of violent Slavic expansion in Russia and sexual expansion of Slavs in days of the Mongolian yoke.

For all the modern official historiography of Russia, Russian Empire and the USSR are known. She is based on the settled stereotypes of the western authorities and totalitarian historical science of communists of the USSR and the Russian Federation. Over studying history in Russia till now is dominated with the Marxist approach according to which historical processes submit to the theory of change of socioeconomic structures by development of the industrial forces, resulting to change of relations of production. However we perfectly know, that Russia from the serf feudal right has jumped in « advanced socialism » from which has got into cave state capitalism, that completely denies essence of ridiculous theories of Bolsheviks. In historical science there is another extreme measure, attributed Aurelius Augustine according to which all in the world is predetermined and develops linearly under the plan determined by the Creator. In the reasoning we adhere to the theory of the plan of the Creator, than to casual or spontaneous development of historical processes more.

In the present work it is concrete for Russia we put forward a hypothesis of priority of struggle of ethnos which we shall try to prove on an extensive historical material. The essence of an ethnic hypothesis consists that internal inducing force of historical processes of last 800 years is opposition radical and new comings the ethnoses of the Eurasian civilization originally controlled by elite of radical peoples. The ancient aristocracy was ethnic Ugrian, considering itself messengers or physical children of the God Father. Ugric in the millennia tried to transform Heavenly will of the God to public consciousness of peoples and ethnos of planet which, in turn, opposite tried to ratify own terrestrial interests through the armed struggle, social movements and political institutes. Let's notice, that deputies Supreme on planet in the past possessed essential material and administrative resources, and their opponents – the most wilds, deprived of civil rights and poor opponents, solved the problems the superiority in number.

Resisting groups prefer various principles of management of a society when the first choose the law and the order, and their enemies – chaos, terror and anarchy with the subsequent transition to discipline, keeping reprisals and dictatorship. Inculcation of discipline in chaos leads to the regular social and political explosions destroying saved up achievements and destroying the previous governors and arisen elites.

So, the essence of civilizations developments of peoples of Russia consists not in change of public formations, and in struggle of the ethnoses occupying huge territories of Eurasia.

Let's note, that in the further reasoning we do an assumption, that the ethnos is defined man's Haplogroup, therefore we carry men to uniform ethnos and women under condition of equality of quantity of men and women in one ethnos though it is not absolutely correct. In fact women are conservative and usually live in the primary territories, and men moved in the past with armies of conquerors and grasped the new grounds, the occupied women of completely other ethnoses.

Tumulus (Kurgan) Maria Gimbutas's hypothesis. Distribution of peoples on the world. From 3500 BC

Distribution of vehicles and wheels on the world, since 2000 BC

Central Russian upland and the Volga region became a cradle of mankind from which in the different parties primary peoples and ethnoses by the ground have gone away. This statement is based on Maria Gimbutas's Tumulus (Kurgan) hypothesis, the language theory PIE, many artefacts and results of genetic researches, and also own reconstruction of the author [1–6]. Radical peoples of Russia are, so–called, Finn–Ugric ethnoses, Haplogroup N. Primary Finn–Ugric inhabitants of Russia were settled from the most northern areas of coast North Ocean down to 45 degrees of northern breadth in the south (Black Sea Coast, Caspian sea, Altai, Sakhalin) and from Baltic and the East Europe in the West up to Kamchatka and Pacific Ocean in the east. The European part of Russian Empire occupied and occupy peoples: Ugric, Russ, Baltic, Sum, Chudes, Finn, Veps, Karelian, Pomor, Samoed, Permias, Vyatich, Ilmen, Sloven, Krivich, Merya, Mari, Muroma, Meschera, Mordva, Bulgars, Erzya and other. After catastrophic historical cataclysms – Oprichnina of Ivan Terrible, reign of the House of Romanovs, revolutions of 1917 and its consequences, and also activity of communistic mode of the USSR, the most part of Finn–Ugric peoples have lost the ethnic identity owing to violent Slavic expansion (it is Slavinization) and "Russian identifications". The population of Russia has been transformed from Russ into Russians.

Because of severe conditions of residing, Finn–Ugric peoples are conservative in sense of growth of population, plenty of children in families more likely rarity, than rule. Therefore speed of an increase in population at northern peoples in historical sense is insignificant, that has caused natural "loss" of northerners in relation to immigrants.

The modern Russian historiography is filled with information noise Slavinization of Russia during period IX–XI of centuries. Jacobs in IX–X centuries there was peace Slavic colonization (traces of violence it is not revealed) basically Krivich, Ilmen Slovens and Vyatich to insignificant participation of Scandinavians [7–16]. According to these hypotheses Sloven, Ilmen and Krivich have suddenly appeared between Finn–Ugrian peoples Ugric, Baltic, Chudes, Veps, Vyatich and Merya. However such event could take place only in case of landing an air landing that is not possible. Thus without what or proofs, Slavophilias have written down Sloven, Ilmens and Krivich in ethnic Slavs. Actually it is Finn–Ugric peoples who lived on the primordial grounds together with the neighbors of uniform northern ethnos N.

The tribe Sloven has appeared on the grounds of the future Novgorod in V century. However Slavs have got to Europe only in 551 (VI century) having left the grounds Slavic Khaganate in Mongolia. The first state of Slavs Great Moravia was formed only in IX century. Therefore Slovens northern Russia is not connected in any way to the western Slavs of Europe. As it is not clear, on what basis of word "Slav" and "Sloven" are recognized identical. Under the official version of a history the name "Sloven" occurs on behalf of the first prince of tribe – Sloven, brother of Russ [17]. From DNA–Genealogy it is known, that Russ it Finn–Ugrian, Haplogroup N, therefore brother of Rusa is Sloven are simply obliged to be Finn–Ugrian.

We believe that the word "Sloven" occurs from « slovo (word) ». The name of Finn–Ugric people Sloven is literally means – competent, educated people. In any case attributing Sloven to Slavs is completely groundless invention. In due course the name Sloven began to concern to all ordinary citizens of Great Novgorod with general literacy. As result of extensive Njvgorod people communications with the Genoa republic, in the east from it the area Slovenia which origin of the name is connected to inhabitants of the Novgorod ground was formed. By means of trade of Genoese with Novgorodian the centuries–old ethnic exchange between Finn–Ugrian Russia, Europeans and the western Slavs of the Balkans was carried out.

Peoples of the European part of Russia in an antiquity

One of the main mistakes of homebrew historians – Slavophilians is opposition Finn–Ugrian ostensibly to peace Slavic colonizers led by Varangians (Vikings) – Normans Rurikovich. The ridiculous paradigm of the spiritual and cultural superiority of colonizers – Slavs above Finn–Ugric radical peoples of Russia is invented. However due to DNA–Genealogy it was found out, that Varanfians – Norman not so "western" newcomers, and it is Finn–Ugric tribe of Russ, all of the same Haplogroup N1. Hence, carriers of spirituality, formation and culture for Finn–Ugric peoples of Russia were their own elite – clan of Russ – Rurikovich that is quite natural. These facts deny fantasy proofs of Slavs of the imaginary superiority.

Our statements completely prove to be true Bulgarian chronicles [18] which in details describe history of occurrence and formation of the states and peoples of the Volga region and all East Europe, including Russia.

So, we have proved that the first Slavs have appeared in Europe in 551 and came there as refugees from the Inner Mongolia of China where they had state – Juan Juan (Ivan – Ivan) Khaganate [19–21]. The Slavic – Mongolian state has been destroyed by the Turks who have created own Turkic Khaganate in 555. New Turk peoples have been formed by violent mixture of the defeated Slavs with winners and replacement of Slavic language by Turkic language. As a result of these wars numerous peoples of east Slavs – Uighur, Mongol, Kirghiz, Tadjik, Pashtun and so forth have appeared. In the West in Europe the Slavic state Great Moravia existed up to 907 and destroyed Finn–Ugrian (by Magyars from Volga) under leadership Khagane Almush, cousin Rurik for the first time has been created. As a result of return Ugrian the grounds in the East Europe some states, including the Hungarian kingdom supervised Arpads – Rurikovich were formed. The victory Finn–Ugric has led to moving of a part of the defeated Slavs on the north to Poland and Balticic, and parts – to the Kiev Russia named in those days the Kara–Bulgar. Any image Slavs before 907 could not get to the Kiev and the Novgorod Russ as they were enemies of Russian state, and also Bulgarian states of Danube, Black Sea Coast, Khazaria and the Volga Bulgaria.

Features of formation of peoples of the western Slavs consist in resettlement on the European grounds of immigrant man's and female from Mongolia. In result children of Slavs were brought up by high–grade Slavic families – the fathers and mothers. However the most part of Slavic soldiers arrived to Europe without women, therefore actively grasped to itself in the wife of local inhabitants. In general Slavs differed the big sexual activity and illegibility in sexual communications. It is obvious that newcomers forced another's wives and daughters, not caring about the consequences of action. For them was the main thing to sow the seed, instead of to bring up children. For counteraction of sexual aggression of Slavs in Europe and in the Near East, all Slavic servants and slaves were exposed to compulsory castration. Many hundreds years Arabs traded in the special goods Hadam – castrated Slavic slaves and eunuchs [22].

Juan-Juan (Ivan-Ivan) Khaganate, 500 AD

Great Moravia, IX century

Volga Bulgaria (950)

We believe that Slavophilias in the theories and compositions shamelessly give out Christianization of Finn–Ugric peoples in IX–XI centuries, carried out by their own elite – it come from Russ family, for « peace Slavic colonization ».

But whence in Russia east Slavs have appeared?

We gave the exhaustive answer to this question in the works [18–21]. East Slavs became a material embodiment 300 years Slavic–Mongolian yokes in XIII–XV centuries. They are descendants of illegally given birth children of sexual violence of Genghis Khan Armies and Golden Horde above Finn–Ugric and Turkic women of Russ and the Volga Bulgaria. The fathers of ancestors of modern Slavs were Mongols, Uighurs, Kirghiz, Tadjik and Pashtun armies of invaders of Russia.

As hypothesis we shall put forward the assumption, that Finn–Ugric peoples of Old Russ squeezed out all illegally given birth children on a residence in frontier areas between Russia and Empire Genghis Khan – Golden Horde and Crimean Khanate. It is territory modern southeast of Ukraine and the south of Belarus, and also the central and southern regions of Russia: Bryansk, Kaluga, Tula, Ryazan, Oryol, Kursk, Voronezh, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Tambov, Penza and Saratov areas. In the past the given zone was part of huge and uninhabited Cumania (Polovetskaya) steppe (Desht–i–Kypchak) from mouth of Danube and up to lake Balkhash. Many centuries supervised territory Kypchaks – half–sheep’s. Western Kypchak in Russian annals referred to Polovetskaya ground, in the Byzantium and European sources referred to – Comania. In XII century Slavic–Mongols of Genghis Khane have grasped all Comania steppe becoming nucleus Ulus Djuchi (Golden Horde).

Expelled illegitimate children Finn–Ugric were settled on the deserted Polovetsjaya grounds of the steppe adjoining to Russia. Turncoats gathered in new communities or adjoined to already existing. Members of Slavic communities conducted joint facilities and processed the ground for extraction of livelihood. Absence of culture and civilization formed of inhabitants of communities of the present savages unable to training and development. Peasants possessed minimal words stock in some hundreds words. Instead of commodity–money attitudes in Slavic communities barter prospered. At the same time the western Slavs in the East Europe became part of world civilization, having absorbed in themselves the European values and having joined in process accumulation of the capital and the material assets remaining in family and passing from the father to the son by right of succession.

States of Eurasia, 1200

Expansion of Horde Empire of Russ in XIII century

East Slavs (Kirghiz, Tadjik, Pashun, Uzbek, Hindus)

Our hypothesis completely proves to be true results of genetic researches of the population of Russia. The maximal concentration of east Slavs in Russia (Haplogroup R1a1) is necessary on the Russian regions Polovetskaya steppe and in part on the central part of Russia – the southern grounds of Northeast Russia most injured of the Slavic–Mongolian yoke.

Russian historiography in XIV–XVI centuries bashfully holds back the numerous facts of occurrence of children of violence and formation from them Slavic communities in southern regions of Russia. However murder will out. In annals of such persons referred to as derelicts – people which have lost communication with community [23].

For example, in Novgorod Birch letter No. 789 the derelict is mentioned Doman, Tudorov izgoi (derelict). In modern Russian the word "derelict" means deprived any rights in number to itself similar, pursued or ignored "stranger". Derelicts were in families of priests, merchants, lackeys and even princes. Some Princely family of Rurikovich kept till now, on man's line concern to Haplogroup R1a1. This is genetic proof of cases when Princes have been compelled to ignore the facts of violence Slavic – Mongols above their wives and daughters.

The lowest position of Russian estate was borrowed Smerds, Kholops, Ryadovichi and Zakupi [23]. Free peasants in Russia referred to Smerds. The deprived of civil rights part of the population was called as lackeys who shared on Obel is the lifelong slave (the woman – Roba) and Zakup is the person taken Kupu (duty) and remaining the slave, yet will not return duty. Still there was category named Ryadovich is the person acted on service and becoming dependent on "number", that is the contract.

Princes of Rurikovich undertook quite adequate actions on restriction of the rights and freedom of derelicts and lackeys from ethnic Slavs, as illegitimate population. These actions have been directed on isolation and enslaving of wild and ignorant Slavic communities on of little use for life territories of Polovetskaya steppe (Wild field). New Slavic communities became the alive buffer on borders of Russia and Polovetshaya steppe with savage population.

On boundary XV–XVI centuries in Russia the system when Grand Prince transferred an estate servant person obliged for it by military burden was issued landed gentry. In the beginning landowners – noblemen bore service on protection of southern borders from attacks of the Crimean Tatars and Nogais on borders of the Wild field, and then began to participate in any wars. The greatest quantity servant people has appeared at Ivan Terrible who has created Oprichnina (terror for Rurikovich) from the most active and severe ethnic Slavs. With the help of man–made Slavic elite is the future noblemen have been destroyed more than 700 princes and reign Rurikovich, and together with women and small children – more than 3000 person. The genocide of Rurikovich Princes, as small nation of Ugric Russ, by means of ethnic Slavs – derelicts has been actually carried out. At board of the House of Romanovs descendants of noblemen – Slavs became basis of the ruling mode, severely oppressing underdeveloped colleagues by birth.

So at Ivan Terrible for the first time in Russian history Slavs – derelicts participated in genocide of the Finn–Ugric population of Russia, and also in plunder of riches Rurikovich. In fact after murder of Princes and their families the property of these a part passed to Oprichniks (Slavic warriors). The second element of genocide became destruction of people of Great Novgorod Ivan Terrible by retaliatory groups. By different estimations have been killed from 7 up to 30 thousand educated people of Northern Russia. We shall remind that servants of Ivan Terrible people destroyed Sloven and Ilmen people, ranked by Slavic historians to the relatives.

Polovetskaya (Comania) steppe, Wild field

Map of distribution of Slavs–Mongols in a percentage parity to the population (Haplogroup R1a1)

Enslaving of peasants was not distributed to territory of Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth – Getmanschina, Russian north, the most part of the Ural region and Golden Horde, Siberia and southern Cossack areas. Actually serf peasantry in Russia lived on the grounds especially injured of the Slavic–Mongolian yoke, and corresponding to an area of distribution of east Slavs, Haplogroup R1a1. Hence, serfs in Russia, behind the rare exception, were east Slavs. Derelicts were the most poor and deprived of civil rights ethnos of Russia. Thus the western Slavs slaves were not and differed high level of culture and formation.

Count Benckendorff, not understanding subtleties of genetics of Slavs, has written in the confidential report to Emperor Nikolay I:

« In all Russia only the people – winner, Russian peasants, are in a condition of slavery; all others: Finns, Tatars, Estonians, Latvians, Mordva, Chuvashs, etc. – are free ».

The chronology of enslaving of peasants in Russia can be presented as follows:

1. 1497 – Introduction of restriction of the right of transition from one landowner to another – Jury day;
2. 1581 – Cancellation of Jury day – « reserved summers »;
3. 1597 – the Right of the landowner on search of the fluent peasant within 5 years and on his returning to the owner « fixed summers »;
4. 1637 – Term of investigation of fluent peasants is increased till 9 years;
5. 1641 – Term of investigation of fluent peasants is increased till 10 years, and violently taken out by other landowners – till 15 years;
6. 1649 – Cathedral low 1649 has cancelled fixed summers, having fixed termless investigation of fluent peasants. Thus the duty of the landowner – concealer was established to pay for illegal use of work of the another serf also;
7. 1718–1724 – given reform, are final sticking peasants to the ground;
8. 1747 – to the landowner the right to sell the serfs in recruits was given any person;
9. 1760 – the landowner has acquired the right to banish of peasants to Siberia;
10. 1765 – the landowner has acquired the right to banish of peasants not only to Siberia, but also on hard labor;
11. 1767 – it was strictly forbidden to peasants to submit petitions (complaints) to the landowners personally to Empress or Emperor;
12. 1783 – distribution of the serfdom to Left–bank of Ukraine.

In 1861 the Serfdom in Russian Empire has been cancelled. The maximum quantity of serfs (55 % from all population) fell at the period of reign of Peter I. At the moment of carrying out of Country reform by Emperor Alexander II quantity of serf peasantry by different estimations made the 35–45 % of the population. On census of 1857–1859 the 37 % of a population lived in Russian Empire 23.1 million serfs of both floors from 62.5 million persons populate Russian Empire. As whole the quantity of serfs precisely corresponds to quantity of East Slavs in Russia – up to the 47 % of the population.

Alexander II in speech to the Moscow nobility on March 30, 1856 has told:

« … And you know that the existing order of possession cannot remain souls constant. It is better to cancel the serfdom from above, rather than to wait, as it begins to be cancelled by itself from below »

On February 19 (on March 3) 1861 in Petersburg Emperor Alexander II has signed the Manifest About the Most gracious talent to serf people of the rights of a condition of free rural inhabitants and Regulations about the peasants leaving from serfdom, consisted of 17 acts. Carrying out of reform was stretched for 49 years, down to the beginning of the First World War in 1914. Redemption payments on reform appeared unreasonable burden for east Slavs. Clearing of peasants has led to total impoverishment of these as they are unable to conduct independent facilities and to be the independent subject of economy.

In opinion of Special the commission founded by the Ministry of Finance for drawing up of assumptions of reduction of redemption payments, the reasons caused grave condition of village, rooted in conditions of reform [24]:

« The consequence of these adverse conditions for country facilities, – the commission summarized, – there was a position which in different places is outlined by different controls as follows: « the Field grounds, remaining without fertilizer, are exhausted every year more and more than poor harvests of last five years » » speak partly

In the same place [24]:

« "Promulgation" of Positions at once has caused powerful rise of country movement. Keeping naive belief in Tsar, peasants refused to trust in authenticity of the manifest and "Positions", asserting, that tsar has given « the present will », and nobility and officials or her have changed, or interpret in the mercenary interests »

Incapacity of the released peasants – ethnic East Slavs to conduct master's activity, led to regular famine of millions peasants, mass epidemics and other social disasters. From the genetic point of view descendants of Mongols – nomads have not been intended to settled way of life and agriculture. Therefore is senselessly to expect successes in grain farming from descendants of shepherds. At the serfdom peasants operated or Princes, or the landowners having any representations about agronomics and methods of housekeeping that allowed peasants to follow orders and to support a normal standard of living. When management of Slavic communities has been broken, problems in all agriculture of primordially Russian regions of Russian Empire have begun.

Witte S.J. in the memoirs wrote [25]:

« As the person not only can show and develop the work, but the initiative in the work when it knows, that the ground process able by him after a while can be replaced another (community), that fruits of his works will share not on the basis of the general laws and the testamentary rights, and on custom (and frequently the custom is the discretion) … When it can be responsible for the taxes which are not brought by others (mutual responsibility) … When it cannot neither move nor leave the, the dwelling without the passport is frequently poorer than the bird's jack, delivery which depends on the discretion when in word, his life is somewhat similar to life of pet with some different, that the owner is interested in life of pet, For his this property, and the Russian state of this property has at the given stage of development of statehood in surplus, and that is present in surplus, or it is not enough, or is not appreciated at all »

Thus, on our deep belief, the serfdom in Russia was not display of feudal oppression of working weights, and was the social and economic tool of isolation and restraint of Slavs – derelicts during five hundred years. Thus Princes of Rurikovich guaranteed life both the certain property and social rights to Slavs. But Emperors of the House of Romanovs – since XVIII century ethnic Germans – have toughened position of peasants. In what such policy has resulted?

In 1905 the First Russian revolution began and ended in 1907. Students, peasants have taken part in revolution, working, a small amount the soldier and sailors, and also wide layers of the Jewish population of Russian Empire. On October 17 (30), 1905 Emperor Nikolay II had been accepted the Highest Manifest on improvement of the state order, becoming by basis of the first Constitution of Russian Empire.

Driving force of the First Russian revolution became numerous political groups and the parties created by the Jewish active workers and the organizations. Such parties were Party of Socialists – revolutionaries (Eser), RSDRP (Bolsheviks), Polish socialist party, General Jewish working union of Lithuania, Poland and Russia (Bund), Socialist Jewish working party, the Jewish social–democratic party Poale Zion and various Federations of anarchists. All Jewish parties and groups carried out direct revolutionary terror. With 1901 and for 1911 Jews – terrorists have killed and have wounded about 17 thousand person (from them 9 thousand have directly for the period of revolution of 1905–1907). In 1907 every day on the average perished up to 18 persons.

According to police, only from February, 1905 till May, 1906 it has been killed: generals – governors, governors and town governors – 8, vice–governors and advisers of provincial boards – 5, polizeimeisters, district chiefs and ispravniks – 21, Gendarme officers – 8, generals (front) – 4, officers (front) – 7, police officers and their assistants – 79, okolotok supervisors – 125, policemen – 346, uryadniks – 57, policemen – 257, Gendarme the bottom grades – 55, agents of protection – 18, civil grades – 85, ecclesiastics – 12, rural authorities – 52, land owners – 51, manufacturers and the senior employees at factories – 54, bankers and large dealers – 29, total 1273 persons [26].

It is curious, that in December 1905 in Ukraine have been proclaimed Chechelevskaya Republic in Ekaterinaslav (Dnepropetrovsk) and Ljubotinskaya Republic to Kharkov. Republics have existed not for long – from December 8 till December 27 and from December 26 till December 30, 1905. Jews for example in Ljubotinskoya Republic is Abraham Finkelstein and Konstantin Kirsta supervised over "Republics". Revolutionaries have arrested and have disarmed gendarmes and policemen. The revolutionary court under Finkelstein's presidency which has born verdict has taken place: all arrested persons are subject to burning in smoke pipe of an engine–building factory.

Events of 109–years prescription repeat today in 2014 in Ukraine where on Donbas it is criminal also Slavic nationalists have declared independence of Donetsk national republic and Lugansk national republic. The terrorism and gangsters were included again in our public life.

Mass terror has not led to success of the First Russian revolution as appeared, that without the big money revolution to make it is impossible. Thus it became known, that means for revolution were appropriated freely by revolutionaries and spent for the needs [26]:

« After revolution of 1905–1907 many terrorists anything did not differ any more from criminals – they have started to spend money expropriated from "bourgeoisie" and party means for themselves (dishonest there was even Boris Savinkov). Ideals of ancestors of revolutionary terror have been rejected by them as superfluous »

The greatest financing within the First Russian revolution was received by Israel Gelfand (Alexander Parvus), a member of the international groups of anonymous authority of Zionists. Gelfand has appropriated some millions marks, believing, that revolution will be carried out by itself. In result after a failure of revolution Gelfand has been compelled to run to Turkey where has adjoined local revolutionaries and helped to arrange overthrow of authority of Osman Turks. Participation in revolution of 1905–1907 of significant number of Jews has caused a plenty of the Jewish pogroms in the answer.

Has passed ten years, there has come 1917. In Russian Empire has taken place, named so communists, the Great October socialist revolution. We believe what correctly to name this event Great Mongolian revolution of 1917.

Details of events of revolution are well–known. As the main financier of revolution in Petersburg again has acted Mr. Parvus, which of Stockholm paid strikes, demonstrations and armed revolt. We shall stop only on ethnic aspects of this accident. The fullest information on national structure of revolutionary structures and the Soviet authority contains in Robert Wilton's work [27]. We also have thoroughly described these moments in the books Conservative [28] and Vedas of Russ [5], page 354–365. In the same place the data on red terror within Civil war in Russia are resulted. We shall result some endurances from these books [5, 27, 28]:

Advice of National Commissioners: on 22 persons – 3 Russian, 1 Georgian, 1 Armenian, 17 Jews.

The central Executive Committee: 62 members – from them 6 Russian (including one Ukrainian), 6 Latvians, 1 German, 1 Czech, 2 Armenians, 2 Georgians, 1 Karaim and 43 Jews.

Moscow Extreme Commission (KGB): only 36 members – from them 1 Pole, 1 German, 1 Armenian, 2 Russians, 8 Latvians, 23 Jews.

On 556 outstanding officials Bolsheviks the states per 1918–1919 it was necessary: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 1 Armenian, 35 Latvians, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgian, 3 Poles, 2 Finns, 1 Czech, 1 Karaim and 457 Jews (according to the Soviet newspapers).

Total: Russian – 3 %.

The central Committees of other political parties of Russia (1918):

Party of Bolsheviks RSDRP – Jews 10, Russian – 2.
Social democrats Mensheviks – 11 members, all Jews.
National socialists – 6 members, from them 5 Jews, 1 Russian.
Social–revolutionaries (right) – 15 members, from them – 13 Jews, 2 Russian.
Social–revolutionaries (left) – 12 members, from them – 10 Jews, 2 Russian.
The Moscow committee of anarchists – 5 members, from them – 4 Jews, 1 Russian.
A party of the Polish commune – 12 members, all Jews, including Sobelson (Radek),
Krohmal (Zagorsk) and Schwarz (Golc).
Total: Russian 10 %.

It is obvious, that parties of the First Russian revolution (1905–1907) and the Great October socialist revolution (1917) have consisted in the majority of ethnic Jews who have arranged the most severe red terror, destroying Russian Finn–Ugric, Turkic and west Slavic elite of Russian Empire.

Here some data on number of victims shoot down in frontier districts.

Archive of the Arkhangelsk province:

December 1919. Kacnelson Zalman Boruhovich, the chief of Northern boundary district, chairman of Provincial CHK (KGB) and that "Three" (three military Judge), "judicial" body where all are solved absolutely with its chapter! Members of "Three" – the trusted members of board CHK, forced to show collective nature: Vilenchik Villi Moiseevich and Norinsky (Grobman) Nohem Osipovich. Results are for one and half year of "work" of this "Three" – 25400 death sentences with « immediate execution ». Without "Three" Kacnelson shoot down more than 34200 Russian soldier, officers, generals and the admirals taken from concentration camps Holmogor, Arkhangelsk, Petrominsk, Plyasetsk, Elninka. These of concentration camp are organized on December 9, 1919, that is long before Solovki and GULAG.

Archive of Petrograd province

January 1921 – July 1922, Petrograd. Megericher Isaac Semenovich, chief of Nord – Western boundary district, the vice–president of Provincial CHK, chairman of "Three". Members of "Three" is Kreig Pinhas Solomonovich and Minz Nikolay (Evzer) Grigorievich (Eruhimovich). Result of actions of "Three" – 47680 death sentences with « immediate execution ».

Let's note that the quantity of Jews in Russian Empire did not exceed 1 % of the population, but in management of revolutionary Russia Jews was more than 90 % from total of members. In what image Russian poorest peasants have supported bloody revolutions and the red terror, imposed to Russia Jews?

The answer is covered in comparison of ethnic structure of Russian peasantry and the Russian Jews. We have already proved that practically all serfs and poor peasants were ethnic Slavs – Haplogroup R1a1. Concerning Jews there was general error on which all Jews rank as Semites which ancestors have left Palestine in the remote past. However Jews it is people accepted Judaism and distinguished from other ethnoses only by a religious accessory, instead of genes.

In the beginning of XIX century there were no data on ethnic structure of Jews, both Russian Empire, and all world. Only in the beginning of XXI century the picture of ethnic structure of Jewish people has cleared up in connection with development of DNA–Genealogy. Funny, but successes of DNA–Genealogy are connected to studying and this popularization by Jews to distribute all sons on knees of Israel. In result it was found out, that the antiquated history of Torah carries legendary, instead of actual character. Jews do not occur from one forefather Avraama, and form people Jewish, consisting on a man's line of tens completely various ethnoses or Haplogroup.

On the data [29] distribution Haplogroup among Jews of Israel in 2014 is those:

Haplogroup J1c3d – 17.3 %,
Haplogroup E1b1b1 – 18.2 %,
Haplogroup J2a4 – 16.3 %,
Haplogroup R1b – 14.9 %,
Haplogroup I – 3.9 %,
Haplogroup Q1b – 3.6 %,
Haplogroup J2b – 4.2 %,
Haplogroup G (G1, G2a, G2c) – 7.5 %,
Haplogroup R2 – 1.6 %,
Haplogroup R1a1 – 7.9 %,
Haplogroup T1 – 3.1 %,
Haplogroup E1 (xE1b1b1) – 1.4 %.

According to the Central statistical management of Israel, published on December 29, 2013, the aggregate number of the population of Israel makes 8 million 132 thousand person. From them:

6102000 (75.2 %) – Jews;
1682000 (20.6 %) – Arabs;
348000 (4.2 %) – national minorities.

6.1 million is the 43,5 % from total of Jews in the world. From them is 1.930 million person natives of Europe, America and Oceania. 893.1 thousand person natives of the USSR, 199.8 thousand – Poland, 212 thousand – Romania and other. Other repatriates of Israel – 691.8 thousand natives of Asia: Turkey 77.7 thousand, Iraq 234.1 thousand, Yemen 138.6 thousand, Iran 141.4 thousand, India and Pakistan 46.7 thousand, Syria and Lebanon 35,5 thousand 890.8 thousand natives from Africa: Morocco 492.2 thousand, Algeria and Tunis 134.4 thousand, Libya 68.8 thousand, Egypt 57 thousand, Ethiopia 115 thousand and other.

The argument does not demand proofs that among Semites of Palestine and repatriates from Africa and Asia practically do not meet Slavic Haplogroup R1a1 and I, and also European Haplogroup R1b1.

Comparing quantity of natives of Europe with quantity of people Haplogroup R1b1 is 14.9 %, we shall receive figure about 920 thousand person. We shall estimate also quantity of repatriates from the USSR and Poland (893.1 thousand and 199.8 thousand person) with quantity of Jews Haplogroup R1a1 (7.9 %), R2 (1.6 %) and I (3.9 %). We shall receive 817 thousand persons.

Thus, on the basis of distribution Haplogroup among Israelis we can assert priori, that Jews from the USSR and Poland on 90 % are ethnic Slavs. Our conclusion is faultless, as practically all Ashkenazi and Hasidic are ethnic Slavs and became Jews on the basis of Halakha law. For example, the founder of Lubavich Hasidic Judaism (Chabad, Chabad–Lubavich) Rabi Shneur Zalman of Liady was born in 1745 in village of Pena, theSlobodsko–Ukrainian province of Russian Empire or modern Kharkov area. It is territory of the Wild field or Polovetskaya steppe where Slavs – derelicts settled. At the end of life the teacher has moved to village Liady, that in Belarus.

So, practically all Jews of revolutionary Russia of the beginning of XIX century are ethnic Slavs, the descendants of the derelicts – Slavs who have accepted Judaism for whatever reasons. A part of Jews of Russia on a female line are descendants of Jews of Khazaria Khaganate. Semites in Russia were not physically, this only Russian phenomenon. The Russian Jews, ranking themselves to Semites, sinned to true – they ethnic Slavs, is Mongols are more true. Therefore charges in anti–Semitism in Russia are deprived any scientific sense.

Actually in territory of Russia and Poland Judaism the most active and irreconcilable ethnic Slavs who with the help of the radical religious doctrine tried to change the slavish position of derelicts accepted. Aggressions to the Russian Jews added their wives – Yahudki, named so in Bulgarian chronicles [18]. Yahudki it is female Jews of Khazaria Khaganate, occuring to territory of Dagestan and the Chechen Republic. According to scientists of the woman of Northern Caucasus are the most dangerous and aggressive individuals of female in the world. The proof to that is presence of the big number of black widows from Caucasus – Muslim mortals. Yahudki became a biological basis of Jewish right Halakha low in Russian Empire. Therefore at Slavs children Yahudki became Jews. On Halakha low « the Jew is the person birth by Jews mother or inverted in Judaism according to the religious law ».

All our spatial reasoning and resulted statistics are necessary for an establishment of the obvious facts – all revolutionary cataclysms in Russia, terrorism, civil wars, GULAG and reprisals of Stalin mode have been untied by ethnic Slavs led by the most aggressive and uncompromising Slavs – Jews. Brutality, inconceivable cruelty and genocide concerning the radical Russian population – ethnic Finn–Ugric, Turks and the Western Slavs on the part of Slavs – Jews have been widely maintained on the part of poor and uneducated Slavs from peasants and workers who more recently were the same peasants. Not without reason Vladimir Lenin in the theories and revolutionary practice the proletariat, components up to the 80 % of the population of Russia of those years leaned on poor peasantry and lumpen.

Slavs – derelicts of 600 years saved insults and deprivations to give will to emotions after cancellation of the serfdom in 1861. Owing to high speed of reproduction of the population, Slavs – derelicts for some hundreds years from ethnic minority of Russia have turned to the largest ethnic group of Russian people, making up to the 47 % of the population of Russia. That it is no wonder, in fact today in the world live more than 850 million Slavs Haplogroup R1a1 [19]. After Chinese ethnos Han is Slavs or Mongols are the second ethnos on number on the Earth. The basic population of Slavs which do not count itself those lives in Central Asia, Pakistan and India. The most part of Slavs adheres to the Islam and Judaism. An average is Slavs – Christians. A smaller part is Jewish. The basic languages of east Slavs are Turkic adverbs.

Map of distribution and origin of Slavs–Mongols (Haplogroup R1a1)

In Russia Slavs – derelicts never had own statehood. They gathered in communities, in common processed the ground and were engaged in a subsistence economy. In the religious plan they were inclined to Shamanism and Tengrism, as well as their forefathers. Violent introduction of Christianity on the part of elite of Russia has not led to change of religious consciousness of Slavs. In result in the first years after Great Mongolian revolution of 1917, the Slavic population with ease destroyed priests and Orthodox temples though before looked devout and conservative. Then Slavs have replaced belief in the God with atheism. Now descendants of Mongols, just in case, are christened in the childhood and allow reading the burial service over itself in churches during funeral. It enables Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) to write down in Orthodox up to the 80 % of the population of Russia.

In the social and economic plan Slavs – derelicts like simple principle – to take away and divide on everything « on validity ». In the term "to take away" actions such as robbery, larceny, receptions of bribe, recoil or nationalization enter. To work these people do not like, and do not want at all. The public consciousness of Slavs – derelicts sees the basic mission of the state in duty to contain, learn, and treat and financially to support them all life down to an old age. The active, enterprising and educated citizens should work and pay taxes that other ballast of Slavic–Mongols could exist on this money. Thus Slavs are ready to serve in army, police, protection or to be officials that to not create products of work.

Vicious representations of Slavs – derelicts about social justice have found the embodiment in Lenin's ideas and Bolsheviks. Therefore the Slavic population of Russia with pleasure has taken part in revolutions, civil war, terror and numerous political cleanings. For satisfaction of the low instincts which are based on genetic hostility to strangers and more gifted people, Slavs under the direction of Jews (too ethnic Slavs) have helped to cut out some tens millions the Russian people making elite of Russian Empire, and then the USSR. At popular anti–Semitism national Slavic weights sincerely believe, that « Jews is clever », therefore easy give them reins of the state and public board, at a genetic level accepting them for the colleagues.

From the ethnic point of view, Slavs (Haplogroup R1a1) destroyed smaller peoples Finn–Ugric (Haplogroup N), Indo-European (Haplogroup I), Turks and Europeans (Haplogroup R1b1). Slavs – derelicts also hated the colleagues – the western Slavs who have left Mongolia for 700 years (VI century) before these ancestors (XIII century). Therefore the western Slavs, it is especial Poles, radical peoples of Russia were exposed not to smaller reprisals, than. All XX century has passed under a banner of mass genocide of radical peoples of Russian Empire on the part of Slavs – derelicts.

XXI century began from attempts of east Slavs of Russia again to engage in destruction of the successful people, able to work, d money and supporting the European values. Events of 2014 in Russia and Ukraine confirm our assumptions. Slavic extremists under threat of Europeanization of Ukraine have proclaimed independent Donbas and Lugansk national republics. The armed terrorists force impose the errors usual Ukrainians, living on territories, which Slavic nationalists count the "primordial" ground. Thus nobody pays attention to the facts of that only the 23 % of the population of those places carry themselves to "Russian", and the majority counts itself Ukrainians. In the regions of Ukraine covered with civil war we notice the numerous facts of political murders, executions, robberies of businessmen, banks and financial institutions, and also attempts of nationalization of successful private enterprises.

Under similar pretexts the Russian authority annexed Crimea at Ukraine, preliminary and secretly having entered there elite armies. Russia has actually stolen at Ukraine its private and state ownership located in Crimea. Now under threat of annexation there are all southeast areas of Ukraine located in territory of the Wild field or Polovetskaya steppe. We cannot count these facts simple concurrence.

Let's bring unfavorable for European and world civilization, and also for European peoples of Russia, is results.

Descendants of Slavs – derelicts of Russia represent the greatest to histories threat to the world and safety all over the world. For achievement of the utopian ideas they consider possible to kill not concordant with them people, to untie civil wars, to render anticipatory or attacking nuclear attacks on any point of the world, including, on the territory. About it is spoken in the new military doctrine accepted recently by the President of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin. Enemies of the Slavic population of Russia the USA and the European Community have declared political enemies have named all people adhering to other political views, than Pro – Putin’s majority. Putin names their fifth column and supporters of color revolutions.

Similar danger of bloody Slavic revolts has hung above Israel flooded with Jews–Mongols from Russia. Century problems in Afghanistan are connected by that 51 % of the population of the country are ethnic Slavs – Pashtun and Tadjik. Under threat of there are peoples of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India where there live the 48 %, 35 % and 35 % of Slavs accordingly.

In connection with annexation of Crimea and the untied Russia civil war in Ukraine, in the Russia kindles interethnic hatred, hostility to people of other political convictions, militaristic psychosis and great–power paranoia. In parallel this power structures amplify and measures of punishment of Heterodoxies become tougher. Daily the Duma and Advice of Federations pass all new and new laws limiting the rights and freedom of people. The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin immediately signs these certificates, not paying attention to the proved criticism from the party of human right structures and world public opinion.

In existing conditions of ethnic opposition of descendants of Slavs – derelicts and indigenous population in all parts of former Russian Empire, it is impossible to use democratic norms and to reveal will of electorate by democratic procedures such as elections and referenda. The grey, aggressive majority discredits idea of fair elections and the account of public opinion through voting. This majority is inclined to totalitarianism, authoritarianism, corruption and use of service position with a view of personal profit. Deploy wars and annexation of territories of neighboring countries pushes management of Russia to an establishment of military dictatorship and restriction of the rights and freedom of indigenous population of Russia. Any displays of aspiration to national independence and self–determination of radical peoples of Russia appear separatism and are suppressed by threat of the big prison terms and military force.

In the foreseeable future the Slavic population of Russia will try to create the own statehood based on principles of Marxism – Leninism. That this ideology has suffered full breakdown, does not confuse east Slavs as they have no other experience of the state construction. They again also are again ready to attack an old rake, absolutely sweeping aside all scientific reasons of opponents and realities of a life. Russia and some countries CIS till now are covered with monuments to Lenin, the majority of streets and the areas of cities and settlements bear communistic names and names of leaders of left epoch which have proved as terrorists and murderers of peoples of our general country. In the center of Moscow on the Red area Lenin's mummy till now lays, and in the Kremlin wall remains of the Jewish extremists who have made bloody crimes against humanity and the Divine laws are based.

Favorite parable of Slavs is around enemies who try to undermine foundations of the national state. There are external enemies and necessarily there should be internal traitors who sell the native land for pinch of tobacco. To work they dump all own failures and unwillingness on the external reasons. For worthy repulse to enemies they are ready to suffer and be content small. Their main trump in struggle against external threat is self–isolation, refusal from civil values. Such reaction of Slavs to own failures is similar to behavior of the ostrich hiding head in sand at the slightest fright. They are hardly mentally sick, but do not understand the illness, including itself healthy people. Once strongly having frightened themselves they can attack neighbors, and even the removed countries are not protected from aggression. Therefore for preservation of world peace it is necessary to deprive Slavic – with Mongols of access to the nuclear and rocket weapon.

Radical peoples of Russia are Finn–Ugrian, Indo–European and Turks are under threat of utter annihilation from hands of "Russian" Slavs. Democratic procedures on protection of the rights and freedom of small peoples, and also their national identity, do not operate in conditions of domination of mentally unstable Slavic population. Ancient peoples still have way of the armed struggle against internal invaders, but it is road to civil war in which most small ethnoses will suffer.

Unique possible political output from the created position we see in an establishment in Russia monarchy of Russia and to return to authority of radical Finn–Ugric elite of Russian people. Russia should be cleared of a communistic heritage, to demolish all monuments to Lenin and revolutionaries, to rename cities, streets and the areas. It is necessary to lead lustration among government officials and employees, and also employees of power structures, having released their people, carriers of totalitarian, corrupt and communistic ideologies. It is important to condemn forever communistic ideology and to recognize it’s equal to Social–Nazism. Any communistic political movements and parties should be forbidden by the law.

Besides it is difficult to expect from Slavic – Mongols, that they it is left Russia and will leave on the ancestral home for Mongolia and China. Therefore it is reasonable to create in territory of Polovetskaya steppe or the Wild field the independent Slavic state for descendants of Slavs – derelicts that they could practice there in construction of own statehood, economy and cultures. Thus it is necessary to lead full demilitarization of new region, with the help of the international institutes having deprived new state formation of army and an opportunity to attack neighbors.

In the economic plan we cannot expect any successes from work of descendants of Slavs – derelicts. The history of last 150 years after a cancellation of the serfdom speaks for itself. In agriculture east Slavs repeatedly suffered failures. The cancellation of the serfdom has led to an impoverishment of country communities and private country facilities. Introduction of collective–farm model within the USSR also has revealed full inability of Slavs to an agricultural production. At the first stages of collective–farm construction the petty pleasure from dispossession of the kulaks and ruins of strong business executives, has ended with necessity to work independently that simple peasants did not love and were not able. Failures in agriculture of the USSR have led to new enslaving of peasants on the ground. Disintegration of the USSR and transition to democratic stage in Russia has again shown full inability of peasants to effective work. Former collective farmers quickly lost the plots of the ground getting to them from collective farms, sold them for kopecks and were finally ruined.

Workers in the USSR stood high in esteem and respect, however their labor productivity in was some time lower, than in the West. In conditions of modern Russia the situation has not changed, and even has worsened. The quantity of workers in Russia has decreased ten times. To find qualified personnel there is all more difficultly and more difficultly. The labor intelligence and the engineering case after disintegration of the USSR also have lost qualification and work on other specialties. The majority of the population of Russia genetically does not like to work, is inclined to parasitism and larceny on the workplaces.

On the basis of the aforesaid, it is difficult to expect in Russia blossoming of fine and average business, occurrence of wide layer of middle class. As the Russian state, becoming more and more totalitarian and aggressive, aspires to not admit becoming of middle class and private businessmen. In such conditions carrying out of infrastructural reform and innovative development of the Russian economy is impossible. Besides ethnic opposition will amplify only, interfering in economy by nationalization and robbery of successful proprietors. The Slavic principle to take away and divide begins an obstacle of development of economy on long historical prospect.

We believe that the monarchy is necessary for steady and stable development of Russia and effort of small Finn–Ugric and Turkic peoples.

In the cultural plan becoming of Russia in conditions of ethnic struggle also is inconvenient. Prompt falling cultural and educational level of peoples of all countries entering earlier to Russian Empire is statistically observed. Joseph Goebbels spoke, that Slavs genetically do not perceive culture and are not capable to training and perception of a world civilization. The facts an obstinate thing to our big regret these words prove to be true long–term practice. Blossoming of culture in Russia is possible only in conditions of a monarchy and the most severe discipline when each citizen is obliged to carry out the established norms and rules of public behavior. Guarantors of cultural and social development should become monarchy and representatives of Finn–Ugric elite of Russia.

From the point of view of theology, in Russia there is formation of the Empire of evil predicted by prophets – Gogh's and Magog Empire. These events just occur in territory Great Tartaria or Tartar as spoke ancient. To our big disappointment, driving force of this fatal process became descendants of Slavs – derelicts, is especial the most active and their aggressive part – ethnic Slavs – Jews. They supervise over all cataclysms occuring in Russia of last 110 years. Thus the great bulk of east Slavs supports them in all fanatic undertakings.

In XIX–XX century Russian church has accepted heresy Jews – Christianity which has replaced ancient orthodox belief of Russ. Virgin Maria Vladimirovna and its son Jesus Christ Zlatoust have been written down in Jews, as well as all Patriarchs of mankind. The Scripts and the Holy Legend have been edited in appropriate way. This activity has got world scale and was carried out also in Catholic Church, having transferred Christianity on new standards of belief and doctrines.

ROC for last years has turned to the most powerful state organization engaged except for spiritual feeding of believers by extensive economic activities. Ancient communal principles of construction of church have been replaced with principles of authoritarianism and a rigid vertical of authority. The state has undertaken a part of charges ROC, having made its spiritual appendage. The church publicly asserts that the 80 % of the population of Russia are Orthodox people. However thus it is known, that there are more than half of population atheists, though and Baptized in the childhood. The part of the Slavic population has addressed to Paganism, having thought up the utopian theories uniting the most ancient religion of Finn–Ugric peoples with the instincts of savages.

On our deep belief ROC requires deep reform, in cleaning numbers of priests, in revival of ancient Orthodox belief and correction of heretical positions Jews – Christianity. The monarchy is necessary for the decision of this complex of problems. Only Sovereign Emperor in the chapter of Nova Church of Holy Russia can solve all mentioned problems.

Thus, we notice general degradation and destruction of the Russian statehood in the political, economic, cultural and religious aspects caused by displays of ethnic struggle of descendants of Slavs – derelicts with radical peoples of Russia. Becoming of Slavic consciousness and his aspiration to influence is the state lead to numerous victims and destructions. We notice naive attempts of Slavs instantly to find answers to all questions of a universe and to invent their most fair decision. To expect from east Slavs of an immediate enlightenment and refusal of barbarity and wildness it is not necessary. It seems to derelicts, that it is easier to them to appropriate and give out for other achievements, than to change. Slavs good simulators and they easily adopt another's customs and habits, not understanding essence of these phenomena. In the historical plan similar processes borrowed long centuries from other peoples. However we have no such time.

For overcoming consequences of centuries–old ethnic struggle in Russia and the adjacent countries revival of a monarchy of Russia, restoration of ancient Finn–Ugric elite and the control over democratic processes and institutes is necessary on the part of Sovereign of Emperor from the family of Russ – Rurikovich. Such decision is favorable to all peoples of Russia, more for Slavs and also world civilization.

Sovereign Emperor of Holy Russia,
Professor, Doctor of theology and historical sciences,
Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev



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